Posted by: gravessack | December 29, 2010

Earl Santee: Star Tribune Sportsperson of the Year

At the end of every year, the Minneapolis Star Tribune gives out the Sportsperson of the Year award. The award recognizes a person who had a strong impact on Minnesotan sports that year. The 2010 award, given out last week, was given to Earl Santee. Santee was the head of the construction firm that built Target Field, and was given the award for turning a parking lot into the “best ballpark in America.”

One afternoon in 2003, before Santee started working for the Twins, he drove into a parking lot in downtown Minneapolis. He said, “I envisioned sitting in a seat behind the third base dugout and looking up and seeing the skyline.” Seven years later, that parking lot would become Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins.

I think Santee truly deserved this award because of all of Target Field’s great features, including being very accessible and having great sight lines. Santee has designed several other major and minor league ballparks, including the new Yankee Stadium in New York, and Coors Field in Colorado. Congratulations Earl Santee, 2010 Star Tribune Sportsperson of the Year! For more on Santee and the award, click here.

Written by: Sam Graves

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  1. I agree that Mr. Santee be awarded this honor. He has given Mn. a new outlook on baseball! Congratulations to him for this honor. Well written article Sam and here’s to 20,000.

  2. Calling Earl Santee the “architect” of the new stadium is really misleading. He’s the head of that firm, but a team of 30-40 folks actually designed the stadium and administered the construction phase, many of them relocating to the area or traveling every week to be here. Once construction started Mr. Santee was here maybe once or twice per year. If you want to give an award to the architect of the stadium (my vote would be for the construction team), give it to the firm, or the team that worked out the tens of thousands of details left out of the original design to make the stadium what it is today. Mr. Santee’s “design” involvement consisted of a few sketches on a napkin. Many, many others actually designed the building.

    • I agree!! Earl Santee never DESIGNED anything in his life–simply a front man.

  3. 20,000 is a very good number. After attaining it, I expect you to find us a front-line starter, solidify the bullpen, and fix that Teflon-thingy in time for TwinsFest.

    And straighten up your rooms!

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