Posted by: gravessack | December 12, 2010

Blizzard 2010: Dome’s Roof Deflates

Over the past two days, 17 inches of snow fell on Minneapolis. The snow storm was large enough to get into the Top Ten storms in the Twin Cities. MNDOT told drivers to stay off the road, stores closed, cars got stuck everywhere, and the Mall Of America closed at 6pm on a busy shopping day. I am sure a couple wheelchair users got stuck too. Oh, and one more thing, the HHH Metrodome’s roof collapsed! You read that right.

KSTP reported that the Metrodome’s roof was leaking at 10pm on Saturday (Dec 11). At around 4am on Sunday, the roof started to cave due to the heavy snow, slowly at first, but then totally caved by 5am. The snow was so heavy, it actually tore the Teflon roof. It was snowing in the Dome! There was a big gap shining sunshine down on the field. Reports say some of the dome’s roof panels sustained damage. From the outside, the big bubble of the dome is completely gone.

Emergency repair crews from all over the United States are heading to the Dome now to assist the damage. The Dome won’t be fixed by tomorrow (Monday), the next home game for the Vikings so they will have to play in Detroit (6pm on Fox 9).

This is the fifth time in the Metrodome’s history the the roof has collapsed. The last time it tore was in 1986 causing a nine-minute delay at a Twins game.

To watch an amazing video of the collapse, Click here!

Written by: Michael L. Sack


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