Posted by: gravessack | December 5, 2010

Minneapolis Community and Technical College Attracts Students with Disabilities

On November 30, I finished my first class in a college setting. Minneapolis Community and Technical College, or MCTC, is a two-year college about five blocks away from Target Field. MCTC offers a variety of degrees. But, more importantly, the college attracts many students with disabilities.

MCTC has numerous accessibility features that a student with a disability must have. For example, the wide sidewalks on campus provide easy access for a student in a wheelchair. Most doors have automatic handicap buttons for wheelchair users. There are skyways that connect the buildings, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the snow or in the cold going from class to class. Also, there are elevators in each building and even a “priority access” elevator in the main building. (I assume that means wheelchair users have first access to that elevator.)

Most classrooms at MCTC are big enough to accommodate wheelchairs. The cafeteria at MCTC is excellent for wheelchairs because it has low tables. Lastly, Loring Park is in MCTC’s backyard, so it is very easy for a student with a disability to do homework, meet friends, or hang out at the park after class. Loring Park has accessible pathways throughout the park.

MCTC has Disability Services to accommodate students with disabilities. In college, disability services are very different than in high school. MCTC’s Disability Services can provide extended time for an exam, a dictionary or spell checker, a note taker, among other adapted accommodations. To learn more about MCTC’s Disability Services, click here.

Written by: Michael L. Sack


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