Posted by: gravessack | October 31, 2010

Can The Rangers Do It?

Three games into the 106th World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers, San Francisco leads 2 games to 1 (if you know this or think this is extremely boring, you can ignore the first paragraph!). The Giants won Game 1, 11-7, on Wednesday night in California. They won Game 2, 9-0, on Thursday night in California. Returning to Texas for Game 3 last night, the Rangers won, 4-2. Game 4 will be played at 7:00 C.T. tonight in Texas, Game 5 at 6:30 tomorrow in Texas, Game 6 (if there is one) at 6:30 Wednesday in California, and Game 7 (if there is one) at 6:30 Thursday in California. The World Series is a best four out of seven, so there might not even be a Game 6 or 7.

Now for my opinion (which I know everyone is absolutely dying to hear!), I would like to see the Texas Rangers win the World Series. The reason for this is because the Rangers franchise has never won a World Series championship, even before they moved to Texas. They also eliminated the Yankees from the playoffs, and personally I extremely dislike the Yankees because they have too much money and win too much (they also eliminated the Twins)!! I like when everybody wins, and not when one team keeps winning over and over.

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. Also because I’m an American League gut (or guy). Those bright red Texas uniforms are pretty cool too.

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