Posted by: gravessack | October 16, 2010

5 Things The Twins Should Do This Off-Season

Now that the Twins season is over (boo!), they have to start deciding what to do this off-season. If this decision was up to me (I don’t know why it isn’t!), here are 5 things I would do.

  1. Acquire a pitching staff ace. What hurt the Twins most in the playoffs was that they did not have a true ace on the starting rotation, a veteran starting pitcher who can dominate a game. My suggestion would be to get someone like Cliff Lee.
  2. Be careful with Justin Morneau and Joe Nathan. Both suffered season-ending injuries this year. Morneau, out since July 7 because of a concussion, tried to come back this year, but couldn’t. Nathan was shut down the entire year, due to Tommy John surgery. The Twins need to get them healthy for 2011.
  3. Re-sign Jim Thome. Thome will be a free agent after this year’s World Series. Though he is 40 years old, he is still extremely productive at the plate. Thome currently has 589 home runs, and had 25 this year! I believe he wants to keep playing in Minnesota.
  4. Re-sign Carl Pavano. Like Thome, Pavano will be a free agent at the end of the 2010 MLB season. He was arguably the best starting pitcher all season long for the Twins. He often pitched deep into games and is a veteran who can handle pressure. If he goes, then the Twins may be without a veteran pitcher.
  5. Get more speed on the roster. This past season, the Twins stole only 68 bases, 5th least in the majors. Denard Span was the leader in that category with 26, but Orlando Hudson was second with only 10. I think the Twins should acquire more speedy players for next season, and steal more bases in 2011.

These are just 5 of the many things the Twins should do this off-season as they prepare for 2011. This should be an interesting and exciting winter for the Twins!

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. 1. Get rid of Orlando Hudson.

    2. Get rid of Pavano.

  2. So, here is a question for you: SHOULD Justin Morneau come back and play? Learning more and more about the dangers, and long term effects of brain injuries, do you think it is right to ask him to play for our amusement? And if you were him, having all the money, all of the awards, and material things that come with it, do you risk it to continue to play? Now, I love the Twins, and a World Series would be great. I honestly hope that Justin retires. I know I’m a killjoy, But here is the solution: Mauer to first. There every one is happy.

  3. Thoughtful analysis. Could you do the same for the Red Sox for a fiver? Send the analysis and accompanying bill to Theo at Fenway Park:)

  4. I think they should go to baseball camp… because they obviously didn’t do it last year.

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