Posted by: gravessack | October 3, 2010

A Sneak Peek at Twins vs. Yankees

The 2010 MLB regular season ended today and we now know the Twins will face the New York Yankees (boooo!) in the American League Division Series, the 1st round of the playoffs. Game 1 is Wednesday, October 6, at Target Field, and the series is a best 3 out of 5. The probable starting pitchers for Game 1 are CC Sabathia for the Yankees and Francisco Liriano for the Twins. Game 1 is at 7:37 P.M. C.T. Game 2 will be at 5:07 P.M. C.T. on Thursday, October 7. Game 3 will also start at 7:37 P.M. C.T. on Saturday, October 9. Game 4 will start at approximately 7:00 P.M. C.T on Sunday, October 10, and Game 5 at approximately 7:30 P.M. C.T. on Tuesday, October 12.

Here is some info about the two teams.

  • The Twins, AL Central champions, finished the season with a record of 94-68. They also had a record of 53-28 at home, the best in the AL. This is extremely important because the Twins will have home-field advantage in this round. Their key players include catcher Joe Mauer, first baseman Justin Morneau (though he is injured and won’t play in the series), outfielder Delmon Young, and designated hitter Jim Thome. They have many other talented players on their roster.
  • The Yankees, AL wild-card winners, finished with a 95-67 record. They lost the AL East by one game to Tampa Bay. Their key players include starting pitcher CC Sabathia (who will likely start Game 1), first baseman Mark Teixeira, second baseman Robinson Cano, shortstop Derek Jeter, third baseman Alex Rodriguez (who I admittedly despise greatly!), and closer Mariano Rivera.

This should be a very hard-fought and entertaining series. Both teams are very talented. My prediction: Twins win the series in 5 games. What is yours?

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. 4 out 5; I don’t know?

  2. I am going with the Twins to sweep!

  3. I hope you’re right uncle Andy!


  4. 4 games – win both in Minnesota, win second game in NYC.

  5. TWINS all the way!!

  6. Baseball? what is this baseball you speak of? Twins? Who are these people? What is this uniform with number 6 on the back? ……..must…… maintain….. focus….. AAARRRRGG!!!!! I love this stuff. Twins in 4. Danny V. becomes a star.

  7. See, I told you. NY in 3. Danny who?….I’m dieing
    Now what?

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