Posted by: gravessack | September 26, 2010

Who Should Be in the Starting Line-up?

For the last two months I have been watching the Twins line-up to see who will fit best in their post-season line-up. The Twins have to put out a line-up that can beat the Yankees or Rays in the first round of the play-offs. There has been a lot of discussion recently on who will be the lucky nine.

Since Sam Graves predicted the starting pitching rotation perfectly with two pitchers flipped-flopped, I am going to give you my starting line-up that I want Ron Gardenhire to use in the play-offs. So, here is my batting order that I would use (assuming Justin Morneau doesn’t return):

Center Field #2 Denard Span Great speed, great range in the field.
Second Base #1 Orlando Hudson Hits the ball very nice, he’s been great at 2nd base, had injury problems.
Catcher #7 Joe Mauer Amazing hitter, great opposite field hitter, great catcher.
Designated Hitter #25 Jim Thome Power hitter, a home run threat every time he comes to the plate.
First Base #5 Michael Cuddyer Has been struggling at the plate, but has good hitting skills, plays a decent first base.
Left Field #16 Jason Kubel Hits the ball hard every time he makes contact.
Third Base #19 Danny Valencia A great rookie player who knows very well how to play third base and he is hitting the ball very well.
Right Field #21 Delmon Young Has hit very well this year finding what was expected of him, has trouble in the field at times.
Shortstop #27 J.J. Hardy Decent range at shortstop, a good hitter.

With this line-up, I think the Twins can go deep into the post-season and even win a World Series. I hope Gardenhire reads this!

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. I like the choices, but I would flip Cuddy and Danny V. I say let the kid become a star. This might be his coming out party. There is already national buzz about the kid, so lets ride him. (sorry Ms Cuddy). it would be fun to have back to back HR threats. I might also concede the out and go with defense at short and play Punto. I like being stronger up the middle. But not enough to really argue for. JJ off the bench gives us a little pop. By the way, I think it might be time to dig up the pre-season picks. Rock On. Go Twins.

  2. Hey ED you picked the Cardinals to get to the World Series. Guess you were wrong!!


  3. What about Morneau?? don’t leave the Canadian sitting on the bench…he was having MVP year before injury…pinch hitter??

  4. I meant to be wrong. I get bored being right about everything all the time. It gives you guys a chance to get something over on me. By the way, I noticed you didn’t mention YOUR picks there big fella’. Besides it doesn’t matter who we play, I just hope it is not raining during the victory parade. Oh, I won’t be at work that day. I think I feel a sore throat coming on.

  5. I think they will play Young in Left and Kubel in Right. Otherwise this lineup would be solid. Lets just hope Gardy keeps Punto as far away from the lineup as possible.

  6. I agree w/ Ed about Danny. Check my lineup at my page

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