Posted by: gravessack | September 18, 2010

Who’s in the Twins playoff pitching rotation?

Currently, the Minnesota Twins lead the Chicago White Sox by 10 games in the AL Central division. Their magic number (combination of Twins wins and White Sox losses) to clinch a playoff berth is all the way down to 5! So, it is a pretty sure bet that the Twins will be playing in the playoffs. So, one big question the Twins will face heading into the playoffs is: Who will we play? Another one is: Who will be in the starting rotation?

Here’s who should be in it and why.

In order, the Twins playoff starting rotation should be (drumroll please!): Carl Pavano, Francisco Liriano, Brian Duensing, and Nick Blackburn. I think it would work fine if Duensing and Blackburn were flipped, but this order would work best. I am pretty sure the Twins will have a four-man rotation in the playoffs instead of a five-man one, which they had all season long.

Pavano should be starter #1 because he has pitched for a lot of years in the majors and has the experience to start the opening game of the playoffs, when a lot of players are anxious. Having the veteran Pavano pitch the opener, it could calm the team down.

Liriano (though he is my favorite pitcher) should be #2. He can pitch better than Pavano at times, but the problem with Liriano is sometimes he gets too excited before big games and is ineffective during them. Once he calms down, though, he can be very, very good.

Duensing should be #3. Since he became a starter in the middle of the season, Duensing has been extremely effective. He was forced to start the playoff opener last year. He did okay, but he doesn’t have the experience to do it again.

Blackburn should be the final starter. I am less sure about him than the other three, but Blackburn has had a pretty good season. In the first couple months, he was very effective. But then, he had some poor starts and got sent down to the minors. Since he got called back up about a month ago, he has returned to his old form of being effective.

The Twins should have four solid starters in their playoff rotation. These guys could get the Twins deep into the playoffs and just maybe a World Series championship!

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. Sam you have given the pitching staff some real thought. I hope Gardenhire reads your blog!!
    Seems you are confident the Twins are in the playoff. I hope you are right. Another well written blog.
    Oh yes I loved the article in the Pacesetter. You are two handsome guys who are REAL Twins fans.
    Go get ’em Twins!!!

  2. I think Duencing is our best picture right because he does great under pressure then I Pavano is 2nd best [so far] then Liranao tied for 2nd. Blackburn is great but can’t work pressuere. Oh and we played the Yanks last year and Brain has trouble. I think if we play NYY we should start with Franciso, then Pavano, The dunce, the blackburn. One more thing [I am only saying this so we won’t play them first] Go Yankees. Oh that hurt saying that

  3. I have only a slight idea of what you are talking about. Hope to go to the new field before the season ends. I’m just very impressed with this blog and that two young ambitious sports guys are doing this! Hope you both land jobs with the Twins someday.

  4. Sam you hit the pitching rotation perfectly!! Do you think Gardy read your blog???Congratulations and good luck Twins. The rotation was in my paper this morning and it hit me—– Sam was right on. What a gift Sam—–
    I will be with the Twins all the way.

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