Posted by: gravessack | September 14, 2010

Changes at Target Field

In most construction projects there are some improvements that are added after the structure is completed. Target Field falls in that category. The Twins made it clear earlier this year that they were going to make improvements to make the Target Field experience better. So far they have made two improvements, one that has to do with accessibility.

In July, the Twins painted blue lines around all the wheelchair sections to indicate where fans with Standing Room Only tickets could stand. I have been to about five games since I noticed these lines. I am happy to announce that they are doing the job. Before the lines were added, fans would crowd the fans in wheelchairs and probably startled some of them. Today, it is greatly improved because fans now know where to stand. Ushers are looser at Target Field, but they aren’t when it comes to the lines. They always tell fans they have to stay behind the line during game play. Most fans obey this rule, but some just don’t get it. Hopefully, fans will eventually realize what they are supposed to do. This was a great improvement; thumbs up to the Twins and their ushers!

Meanwhile, in July, the Twins painted the batter’s eye (the wall behind center field) darker. Before the All-Star Break, some players complained that the batter’s eye was too white (seriously, white?). Fans won’t notice, but players say the new paint job really helps them to see the ball. Anything to help the batters hit more home runs, right? Again, thumbs up!

There were rumors that the Twins were going to remove the Black Spruce trees from center field, but there hasn’t been any indication by the Twins that they are going to do that. I sure hope they don’t remove the trees because they look great out there.

What will the Twins change next? From my point of view, I am still looking for wheelchair seating in the last row of the “Moat”, the walkway in the middle of the first level.

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. I actually did notice the new paint on the batters eye, although I don’t know if I would have if I hadn’t read about it.

    I think they also changed the cover for the tarp, to make it less distracting to batters.

    I also don’t think wheel chairs in the moat/aisle is a good idea… How would they get down the stairs? Also, it would make things very cramped, you wouldn’t have enough room for traffic in both directions.

  2. Oh–I’m actually pretty sure they already have special areas for wheelchairs in the lower sections past the moat too.

  3. Hi Guys,

    I just saw the article and your picture in the Pacer Newsletter. You look like you are fun-loving Twins fans! I love your blog also. You are doing a great job.


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