Posted by: gravessack | August 11, 2010

Twins Are Red Hot

What has gotten into the Twins this last month? Since Justin Morneau’s concussion on July 7 in a game at Toronto, the Twins have been red-hot. Go figure. With a minor-league looking line-up, the Twins have not had a three-game losing streak since before the all-star break.

The Twins seemed to have found their groove. Since July 15, the Twins have 18 wins with 6 losses. With players like Jason Repko, Danny Valencia, and J.J. Hardy, the Twins are winning. And even with Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau out of the line-up, the Twins are smacking the ball.

The team also has been hitting more home runs lately, thanks to Repko, Thome, Young, Mauer, and Cuddyer, among other players. The Twins smacked out five home runs against the White Sox on August 10 on the way to a 12 – 6 victory. Also, the team is getting deadly with more and more base hits.

After Joe Mauer had a cortisone shot last week, he has been at his MVP form. He had been struggling at the plate because of a sore shoulder. But this last week, he has been creaming the ball, racking up several base hits and a couple home runs.

Just a short time ago, the Twins were in third place. But Detroit has been terrible and the White Sox have been struggling. So now the Twins are in first place, one game ahead of Chicago. Detroit has fallen to 9.5 games back at press time.

The Twins have managed to take first place even with injuries. Orlando Hudson was on the disabled list this past month. Joe Mauer was out with shoulder pain. Morneau is still out with a concussion (with reports saying he’s coming back soon). Alexi Casilla just got off the disabled list and Glen Perkins made his first start today since August 2, 2009. It seems as if the Twins are getting stronger and healthier.

One more thing: the Twins pitching has improved greatly from before the all-star break. The starting pitchers are pitching more into games, and I like how they are using Jon Rauch and Matt Capps in the bullpen.

Here’s to hoping, once Morneau returns, that the Twins will get even better and be one of the hottest teams in baseball. And I’m personally hoping they will be on their way to an American League Central division title and maybe even an American League Championship trophy.

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. Are they still red hot after their 6-1 loss last night?? Do you think they are going to lose their mojo after they start playing good teams? Let’s hope they pull it together tonight!

    • Yes, they are still hot after a tough loss last night. Still, I think they are hot and won’t lose their mojo. They had to face Chicago’s #1 starter John Danks and the Twins put out a pitcher who hasn’t pitched in the major leagues in over a year last night. I’m going to predict something: the Twins will win tonight and three out of their next four games.
      – Michael

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