Posted by: gravessack | July 22, 2010

Vote for the Twins and Courage Center

The Pepsi Refresh Project is asking 14 Major League Baseball teams to submit their idea to win a $200,000 grant. The Twins are among one of those teams. The Pepsi Refresh Project is giving away millions each month to fund ideas that could change the world. The Twins really want you to vote for their idea.

The Twins’ Idea: They want to build a specialty softball field for Courage Center’s Rolling Twins teams.

The Rolling Twins desperately need this because they are now playing on a parking lot in Brooklyn Center. They need a field that is made for them and they can call “Home.” Some reports indicate that they want to build the field next to Parade Stadium, near Dunwoody College.

Courage Center, out of Golden Valley, is known for its sports. Courage Center’s Rolling Timberwolves have won a couple national titles and the Courage Thunder, a Powersoccer team, won the national championship last month. Winning the Pepsi Refresh grant would really boost Courage Center’s softball program.

To vote for the Twins, click here. You can vote up to 10 times per day online and 10 times per day on your phone by texting the word “Twins” to 76462 (when you text, you’re notified when you reach the 10-vote limit; online it doesn’t tell you when you hit that limit, but the Twins say it does stop counting at 10). Please vote! Courage Center really needs this! Voting ends on August 16 at 11:59 p.m.

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. Thanks much for raising awareness around this great cause – just rattled off my daily 10 votes!

    First time checking out your blog. Some terrific pieces – I’ll check back here often.

  2. Boy, some people want everything. first it is a place to to see the game, then a place to eat, now a place to play. I suppose next you will want to vote. And an education. I know this somehow ends with me yelling at Sam to “swing harder” It is a good life guys. Keep swinging. I have to go vote now.

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