Posted by: gravessack | July 1, 2010

Questions for Dan Mehls

In an interview via email with Dan Mehls of Mortenson Construction, the company that helped design Target Field, answered a few questions about Target Field and its accessibility:

Two Men On (TMO): How did Mortenson decide where to put wheelchair seating in Target Field?

Dan Mehls (DM): The design architect, Populous, used ADA codes to determine how many wheelchair positions would be required based on total seating capacity. They then worked with the Twins to determine which locations in the ball park would be best suited for wheelchairs and companion seats. The Twins also engaged ADA consultants to weigh in on appropriate locations. Factors include: proximity to rest-rooms, concessions and other amenities. Plus, fair distribution throughout the ballpark at all ticket price points.

(TMO): How long did the planning of Target Field take before the actual building of it began?

(DM): Planning started in June of 2006, site preparation and utility relocation started in May of 2007 and ballpark construction started in October 2007.

(TMO): What other projects has Mortenson worked on where accessibility was important? Has Mortenson worked on other sports stadiums?

(DM): All of the public assembly projects that Mortenson has built in the last two decades have had a significant focus on accessibility. Public Assembly and Sports projects built by Mortenson include: Minneapolis Convention Center, Xcel Energy Center, Target Center, Target Field, Minneapolis Central Library, Walker Art Center, TCF Football Stadium plus many similar facilities around the country.

(TMO): Now that Target Field is built, is it as accessible as Mortenson hoped?

(DM): It appears that the disabled community is satisfied with the accessibility of Target Field.

Written by: Sam Graves


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