Posted by: gravessack | June 2, 2010

Five Questions for Twins President Dave St. Peter

In a May 31 e-mail interview with Twins President Dave St. Peter, he answered five questions about how successful Target Field accessibility has been so far.

Two Men On (TMO): Do you think fans with disabilities are enjoying and using all of Target Field’s accessible features?

Dave St. Peter (DSP): Yes, I believe fans with disabilities are quite pleased with the ballpark and the level of accessibility. Many fans compare the ballpark to their previous experiences at the HHH Metrodome. Moreover, they are thrilled with the ability to experience Twins baseball at a whole new level.

TMO: Have you heard of any problems with any accessible features?

DSP: We have had very limited issues with accessibility features at the new ballpark. The issues we have dealt with include some railing issues, which are common on ballpark openings of this nature.

TMO: Have the Twins made any changes/add-ons to accessible features since Target Field opened?

DSP: Yes, we have added some railings and also lowered some railings to improve sight lines.

TMO: What are the rules for the handicap drop-off/pick-up zones on 7th Street? How long can someone wait for someone?

DSP: On game days, the drop-off zone on 7th Street is monitored by city traffic control and monitored quite closely. It is not designed to be a “parking” area and thus we work to ensure that vehicles are not “parked” in that area for more than 5-10 minutes at a time.

TMO: Is there anything else you want the disabled community to know regarding the Twins and Target Field?

DSP: Target Field is a state-of-the-art facility in every way possible. That said, we are continually working to enhance the facility for all our fans. To that end, we will be looking at a variety of revisions in advance of the 2011 season.

– Michael L. Sack



  1. Great interview, guys, and kudos to Dave St. Peter for making HIMSELF so accessible!

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