Posted by: gravessack | May 18, 2010

The Miracle League Could Change the World

While the Twins got a new home this year, many other “homes” are being built this year. If you are wondering where children and young adults with all sorts of disabilities can play baseball: Welcome to the Miracle League!

The Miracle League is a non-profit organization that helps children and young adults with disabilities play baseball. The league is worldwide and has over 80,000 participants. Games are played on cushioned, rubberized baseball fields to help prevent injuries.

The league started in 1998 with 35 players. The next year it sky-rocketed and 15 additional players joined the fun. By 2002, over 250 players had joined the league and from there it has kept growing. Children have been known to sweet talk their parents into playing soon after having surgeries and being hospitalized. The Miracle League has gotten national attention from NBC, ABC, ESPN, and CNN.

Here are some of the rules that the Miracle League put in place: Every player bats each inning, everyone is safe, and each team wins each game. Also, “Buddies” (children without disabilities who play baseball) help any Miracle League player who needs assistance.

The Miracle League is a league played just for fun because every child deserves a chance to play baseball. Every year, fields are being made for disabled ballplayers who just want to play some ball. My hope is that someday the Miracle League builds a field along 5th Street next to Target Field.

For more on the Miracle League:

Written by: Michael L. Sack


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