Posted by: gravessack | May 6, 2010

Tasers should never be Used at Ballgames

When baseball fans attend a game, they don’t expect to see someone get tasered on the field. But, that is exactly what Phillies’s fans saw during a May 3 game at Citizens Bank Park.

That was the first time a taser was used to take down a fan who ran onto a field. A police officer acted foolishly.

During the 8th inning, a 17-year-old Philly fan ran onto the field. After 25 seconds on the field, he got tasered by a Philadelphia policeman in the outfield. Apparently the policeman forgot where he was because he tazed him at a baseball game in front of 40,000 fans. This use of force seemed excessive. Fans should never run on the field during a game, but if they do, police should just tackle the suspect.

Police might start tasering umpires who make bad calls! You never know!

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. Hey
    I think that once you jump on the field, all bets are off. The risk to the players and umpires is to great to let someone run around like that. If this clown had decided he did not like this or that call and thought it funny to attack an ump, you know others would try it and someone would get REALLY hurt. If some fool is dumb or drunk enough to think it is OK to get on the field, I say TAZE AWAY

    • Has anybody ever ran on to the field to attack a player or umpire? Baseball fans that run on to the field are nothing to be afraid of, they just want to have a little fun. Definitely excessive force, and besides, tackling the guy is more fun for the security guard 🙂

  2. PS…….
    Where can I get one of those things. It might be time for a little discipline around here.

  3. I would agree with Michel that the use of a taser is excessive. I think that police and security officials have never really had too much of a problem stopping the runner in the past, and without the use of a taser. I feel like a taser is a dangerous solution to a problem which can easily be handled differently.

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