Posted by: gravessack | April 16, 2010

My Opening Day Experience

I got to Target Field at around 1:30 on Monday afternoon (I got to miss 2 1/2 hours of school!).  I had an awesome time!  Here are the good and the bad things I noticed on my Opening Day experience:

The Good: Getting into the ballpark was very easy.  All the gates were wide open and we could enter any gate we wanted.  The view from our seats (in section 101) was not fantastic, but it still was much better than the views in the Metrodome!  After the game, I noticed that there was more handicapped parking on level 3 of Ramp A than before.  I had noticed there wasn’t much handicapped parking on that level when we parked there the first time I went to Target Field.  And, of course, the Twins won the game!

The Bad: At one of the concession stands, we asked for a straw.  The person operating it said they didn’t have any straws, even though Michael and I were told on our tour that they did have them.  There also were very long lines for the family bathrooms, which could have been just because it was Opening Day.

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. I went to the game on Thurs….. Wait. I mean I was REALLY REALLY sick on thurs so I decided to get some fresh air. We had the worst seats in the place. Section 301 , 5 rows from the top, and I could still call balls and strikes. This place is amazing. It gets pretty breezy up there, but the sight lines are perfect. Lariano was pitching and we crushed them 8-0 He was trying to kill me the first couple of innings but then he cut the comedy and cruised through 7. I did have a meltdown at the start when I found my brothers name on the wall. He would have loved this. He would have been “sick, cough, cough” with me. The wall is very tastefull and well done.

  2. Ed, where exactly on the wall is your brothers name? I’m going to the game tomorrow and I want to look for it. – Michael

  3. Sam,
    Great job outlining Target Field and opening day. Of course it is quite sad about the Red Sox. However, it is what it is and we shall see what we shall see, especially in October!!

  4. Ross’s name is on the HISTORY wall. The one with the Field of Dreams quote. the name is on the bottom 1/4, on the far right side. It is cool because the letters are raised so I could do a pencil rubbing. I did one on paper and then one across the middle of my program that I am going to frame and give to my dad for Fathers day. A bit dramatic perhaps, but Pretty cool. Have fun at the game.

  5. I didn’t have time to look for it today, but I will next time I’m on the plaza. That will be a nice present. Which program are you talking about? – Michael

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