Posted by: gravessack | April 4, 2010

Rolling into the Future

Ever since my first visit to the Rapid Parking Lot in May of 2007, I have been keeping close track of the construction, which is now Target Field. In a scrapbook, I’ve kept updates from my visits, Minnesota Ballpark Authority’s updates, and all the key dates that made Target Field a reality. So, on April 2, I was totally pumped to go to the first exhibition game. Here is what I saw:

As I rolled onto Target Plaza, I saw people strolling around, news reporters covering the game, the beautiful design of the plaza, and lots of smiling faces. When I rolled into Target Field from Gate 34, I was just amazed by the awesome structure that was in front of me. First, I rolled around the outfield concourse. I thought it was kind of small because it was crowded. At one spot of the outfield concourse, you can see the pitchers warming up down below you. Then, I spotted a ramp that led to the left field upper deck, where I discovered there is wheelchair seating. I rolled to see the view from center field, but there were standing rails there that block the view for those in wheelchairs. So the view wasn’t so great for me, but I was right below Minnie and Paulie. That celebration sign is so amazing and tall.

When rolling to my seat, I went by a wall of Twins history and heaters on the concourse by the Administration offices. The concourse got bigger as I got into the seating bowl. I ended up rolling right into the Delta 360 Skybox on the Terrace Level and had to turn back! Once I found an elevator, I noticed a sign on a window that read “Area of Refuge” with a wheelchair symbol on it. I noticed there were plenty of rooms in Target Field that said that. The elevator was in that room with one television and a couple of benches. Those rooms will be nice during rain delays because it is warm in there!

The upper deck has a restaurant, bathrooms, concessions, and team store. But, I had a hard time finding signs for handicapped bathrooms on the upper deck. The restaurant is called the Twins Pub which provides a spot for people to drink, eat, talk, and watch some baseball. The team store has a lot of expensive merchandise. I wanted to buy t-shirt, but it was 25 bucks–whew!

I was amazed when I got to my seats; I couldn’t believe I was at a baseball game in Minnesota. From my seats in Section 217, I could see the huge scoreboard, Minnie and Paulie, the skyline, the playing field, and mostly the entire stadium. I loved the height of the railing in front of me because no bar was in my face.

I also saw two things that seemed weird to me. First, the trees in center field are so puny. They better get taller! Second, I saw no wheelchair seating in the “Moat,” the walkway that divides the first level. At Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, there is a bunch of wheelchair seating in the “Moat.” I got to sit there in 2008 and it was a sweet view! I wonder if the Twins can add wheelchair seating in their “Moat”?

Overall, my first Target Field experience was an amazing one. As for my Target Field scrapbook, I will be completing that in the next few weeks. WELCOME TO OUTDOOR BASEBALL, MINNESOTANS!

I will leave you tonight with this picture to ponder (our Field of Dreams!):

Our Field of Dreams!

Written by: Michael Sack



  1. Nice description of Target Field!

  2. OK First of all…you need a nap. Then find me a closer…..OK really. If they go 0-2 I’m done with the bums. There is always next year I suppose. GO KC!!

  3. Hey Ed
    On Monday didn’t you say the Twins were gonna go 162-0?

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