Posted by: gravessack | March 22, 2010

My Reaction to Target Field

On Sunday, March 21, I went to Target Field for the open house for season-ticket holders. Here are my reactions to various experiences I had during my visit:

Parking: A little hard to figure out where to park (we parked in Ramp A), since this was our first visit to Target Field. Tip: Park in Ramp A on level 3 at the far west end. Then take the skyway across, right into the ballpark. There are elevators as soon as you cross the skyway into the park. I think the Twins need to better publicize handicapped parking. Grade: B+

Outside of Stadium: Very beautiful. There is an exhibit showing all the baseball stadiums in the history of the Minnesota Twins. Grade: A

Accessibility: Good. There are 12 elevators. The concourses are very wide. There are wheelchair refuge rooms inside the stadium where people in wheelchairs can get a break from large crowds and bad weather (which is important). There are also many indoor spaces because Minnesota can get extremely cold!  There are elevators right next to escalators in most buildings, like airports, but at Target Field there are just escalators in some places. I don’t like this part of the Target Field design. I also don’t really like that there are no elevators from section 212, which is in the middle of the stadium, to the other end of the stadium. There is just an escalator. I saw very few signs for elevators and other handicapped access. Grade: A-

Budweiser Roof Deck: A little disappointing. This is a place where fans can eat, drink, talk, and watch the game. For people in wheelchairs, though, they can’t see the game because there is a bar blocking their view. There are no seating areas here. The good thing is that there is a fireplace on the deck so people can go there to warm up. Grade: C-

Seating Views: From our seats (in Section 217) and all places in the stadium (that I went to), the seating views are very very good. My favorite part of my whole experience was seeing the view from our seats. I got to roll all the way up to the railing. There is a bar behind the seats, so fans (especially the drunk ones!) can’t walk in front of people in wheelchairs and block their view of the game. Our seats are right in front of a pizza place, a barbecue place, and, my favorite, a soft serve ice cream place! Grade: A+

Signage: Needs improvement! Grade: B-

Analysis:  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to any of the concession stands, so I can’t report on the food or the counter height,  but I will once I go to them. Overall, my first experience at Target Field was awesome! Be sure to check out the photos in the Target Field Photo Gallery!

Overall Grade: A

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. Sam this was an excellent entry. I felt like I had been there. I am so glad your seat are in a good space and you can see it all. No bar in the view when seated. You are lucky to have visited the field before opening game day. You know what to do. I like the location from the concessions.
    Have a great opening day at Target field.
    See you in Ft. Meyers!!!

  2. I agree that the Target Field is a beautiful environment by all accounts. I have not visited the field but was very much in the know about what was going on when Michael was at South. I remember we had the online view of every aspect and knew what was coming next.
    I am however surprise that little attention was given to accessability. More needs to be done to remedy the problem. Michael has been an advocate at South and Sam took up the fight recently when bars were placed in the hallway.
    Is there a way to bring this to the attention of authorities at Target Field?
    By the way, excellent blog and very informative. Keep it up

    • Hey Mamadee I had fight to about the bars!

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