Posted by: gravessack | March 15, 2010

Parking at Target Field and an Awesome Video

Parking at Target Field has been in the news lately. Here is how I hope it will work:

All of the parking ramps should have handicap parking. There should be lots of street (meter) parking for handicap vehicles, as well as a drop-off area near Target Plaza for fans in wheelchairs or fans with visual impairments.

What I know right now: Fans, including those with handicap stickers, will be able to park in all of the parking ramps near Target Field. There will be limited street parking. The City of Minneapolis is thinking about not allowing fans to use meters on some streets due to congestion. I don’t think fans will be able to park in the parking lot next to 5th Street, but who knows? The parking lot near 7th Street will be for players, coaches, and employees for Target Field. I will report on the amount and location of handicap parking after our tour.

And speaking of, if you have any burning questions or concerns for us to ask on our tour, we want to hear them!

Target Plaza officially opened at 9am on March 13 with a ceremony at 11am. Single-game tickets also went on sale. I wonder if the Twins set a sales record on March 13? Here is a short video from the March 13 ceremony:

Watch this awesome video of the celebration sign and of Target Plaza:  

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. cool, You should ask if the can make the steps bright for me, maybe put colored tape, and maybe ask for there not to be a lot of things sticking out like poles or posts

  2. a person should be able to get headphones or something to be able to listen to the game’s in-house broadcast. that might make things a little easier to follow

    • I agree with that, it would help me a ton

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