Posted by: gravessack | March 13, 2010

Hot Diggity Dogs!

Since many people are very passionate about hot dogs, I chose to write about the kinds of hot dogs they will be selling at Target Field. IF YOU THINK HOT DOGS ARE THE MOST DISGUSTING THING ON EARTH, YOU SHOULD STOP READING THIS POST RIGHT NOW! Now that the Twins have moved out of the Metrodome, the very popular Dome Dogs are gone. Fans will be glad to know that at Target Field, four kinds of hot dogs will be served! They are:

  • The Original Twins Dog, which is a traditional mix of pork and beef. It will be sold at many concession stands around the ballpark.
  • The Twins Big Dog, which will replace the Dome Dog. It is a quarter-pound all-beef hot dog (Delicious!).
  • The Dugout Dog, which is an old-fashioned pork-and-beef hot dog. It will be served by vendors in the stands.
  • The Dinger Dog (a very bad name), which will be served at selected locations throughout Target Field.  It will be an extra long, pork-and-beef hot dog (Everyone’s favorite!).

I am aware that some people might be grossed out by this, but I hope some people will appreciate this post. All hot dogs will be served by Schweigert, which is a Minnesota-made brand. Like the Metrodome, Target Field will have Dollar-A-Dog Days, which will be every Monday home game except the opening game. On those days, ONLY the Original Twins Dog will be served for $1. Remember, 2 hot dogs per person! Be sure to check out the Target Field hot dogs photo gallery! Just click on the link on our blog to get there.

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. Sam that is the best post yet!!I love hot dogs and you have described them perfectly. Wish I had a dinger dog this very minute. Target field vendors should appreciate this blog. Should help sell their hot dogs. Keep on blogging!!

  2. I love this site. You two have captured the true importance in a well lived life. Now, if they have chili dogs available…….

  3. “Remember, 2 hot dogs per person!”

    That’s what large pockets are for.

  4. How would they know that I’ve reached my two-dog limit? eh? Do they stamp your hand with special ink – or is there something in the mustard that allows ‘them” to calculate past consumption via a whole-body scan? So… Couldn’t I just move around the park and have two dogs every inning? Sam, I’m counting on you to provide answers……

  5. That’s a good idea rudi. You should try that.

  6. Sammy, don’t know how I missed this post. Best one yet. I will be trying every last dog at the stadium!!! Can’t wait for Monday!!

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