Posted by: gravessack | February 27, 2010

The Tour

Yesterday, we (actually my mom) got in contact with the Twins. They said that Jim Pohlad (the owner) and Dave St. Peter (the president) are really interested about our blog. The Twins said they would give us (Michael and I) a preseason tour of Target Field!! We’re not sure when we are going to take the tour, but I’m sure it is going to be very exciting! Check our blog out later to read about the tour. The Twins also said Target Field has concourses wide enough for wheelchair races! That could get pretty entertaining.  It will also have wheelchair zones that will be located on the concourses. These zones are places where people in wheelchairs can go if the crowds get too large (which was a huge problem in the Metrodome). I think this especially will be very cool.

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. Sam that is so exciting!!I will be anxious to hear about the tour. You are communicating with people in very high places!! Keep up the good work. Once more a great entry in your blog. I want to be there when you and Michael have a wheelchair race.

  2. Sammy,
    Sounds like you guys are rolling along with the high rollers of the Twins organization! Very impressive. We may have to promote you from a Captain to an Admiral on Swan’s Island just to keep pace.

  3. Sure, you guys get everything. What about us poor starving dancers. Do they have dancing zones? NO. I tell you things just are not fair for us fat old guys. I still have not seen your predictions you big shots. Or now that you are in with the in crowd are you too cool to make picks? OR are you CHICKEN!!!!!
    I’ll wait here.

  4. Ed, sometime in March, WE PROMISE!

  5. All right Ed, here’s my prediction. 89-73. We win the division by four games over CWS. We win 3-2 over NYY. Then we win 4-2 over Boston. Then we win the World Series 4-3 over NYM.

    So, am I chicken now!?

    • Yea, I don’t think we will win the World Series. Or beat the Dirty stink-en yanks.. It will be HARD,

  6. The Mets? I love it. Santana in game 7 gets torched. Hey Sack, you forget how to type? come on, lets see the prediction.

  7. That’s what I was thinking of too. Santana getting beat in Game 7.


  8. OK Mr. Peter, or should we just call you the NONBELIEVER. I noticed that you made a non-pick. So who is it going to be. The Yankees are a thousand years old. The games take forever because they have to stop every few innings for their naps. So do I, but that is a different issue. So who wins it?

    • Ok, The Twins win the divison by another extra game. They go into the playoffs round 1 the face the Red Soxs, they win the series 4-2, then they face the Angels the win the series by won, In the World Series they face the Philies which will be the 3rd time they have made it in, the Twins will win in 7th game in extra innings Orlando Hudson will get a HR in the bottom of 11th with 2 outs and the phillies were winning by 1. They will win 5-4. WORLD SERIES CHAMPS MN TWINS

  9. The tour sounds cool!
    Ask about that Budweiser deck, and take lots of pictures. Also ask if they can schedule adapted games in the stadium.

    Terrific blog!!!!!

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