Posted by: gravessack | February 5, 2010

While We Wait…

While we wait to see if Joe Mauer signs a contract extension with the Minnesota Twins before spring training, I want to recap what happened earlier this week (February 1 and 2) with the Mauer situation and give you some notes that may be of interest.

Mauer Extension: In the afternoon of February 1, Mark Rosen of WCCO-TV reported that the Twins had a preliminary deal to sign Joe Mauer to a 10-year extension. This news had people swarming the internet to find out anything about Mauer. But, other media networks were saying this report was false. The Minnesota Twins front office had no idea where this report originated. On February 2, Mauer said he had no clue about any extension and what was going on in Minnesota because he was in California shooting for a video game cover. So, stay tuned! Once we hear anything, we will write a report on the extension.

A few quick notes:

  • The Minnesota Twins signed second baseman Orlando Hudson to a one-year deal worth $5 million on February 4.
  • The Twins finalized the Jim Thome deal on February 4 after Thome passed his physical.
  • The only thing the Twins need to figure out now is who is going to play third base.
  • You can now register to have a chance to order up to four tickets to an Opening Series game at Target Field. CLICK HERE for details and to register. (You have to register by February 11).
  • Pitchers and catchers report to spring training on February 21.
  • There are 65 more days until Target Field hosts its first-ever Twins regular-season baseball game.

Written by:  Michael L. Sack



  1. Mike, Sam,

    Why do you think it is taking so long to get this Mauer thing finalized? I’d love to hear the Gravessack explanation.

  2. Rocko

    I think the Twins and Mauer might not have decided on the amount of money.

    • Hi Rocko,
      I would like to expand on Sam’s explanation, even though he has a great one. I think the Twins want to finalize this year’s roster first, and then sign Mauer to a long-term deal. The Twins have signed three new players in the last month, including our newest player, Jacque Jones on February 9th to a minor league deal. My prediction is that the Twins will sign Mauer by February 17, four days before Spring Training.

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