Posted by: gravessack | January 18, 2010

Railings and Televisions Could Be Helpful

I just want you to start thinking about how these two things can improve a disabled fan’s game day experience:

Railings:  Did you ever notice that their were no railings in the aisles at the Metrodome?  That will change at Target Field.  All of the aisles at Target Field will have railings and this is big news for fans with disabilities who can walk.  They will finally have something to hang on to for balance while walking up and down an aisle. Disabled fans won’t feel unsafe walking up and down the aisles anymore. Also, railings will help non-disabled fans.

Televisions:  There should be televisions throughout the concourses and by every wheelchair seating area at Target Field. Fans who use wheelchairs sometimes can’t see the action on the field and the televisions would take care of that issue because the televisions would show the game as you would see it at home. They could be hung up above and on both sides of wheelchair seating areas. Televisions could even help fans with visual impairments see the action on the field better. For the people who want a hotdog or something, they would never miss a play if televisions were hung throughout the concourses. They should even have televisions in the bathrooms!

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. Nice! Yea the TV’s would be a good idea and maybe a little bigger then the ones in HHH. It would really help me see better

  2. Nice web site, guys. Given your interests in accessibility, do you think you could encourage the Twins to access a third baseman? Perhaps Sr. Tejada?

    It does looks like they’ve penciled Mr. Harris in at 3rd, given that they gave him a two-year contract.

    Do you think that giving a utility infielder a two-year deal will become an annual winter rite for the Twins. If so, then Matt Tolbert must be VERY excited…

  3. So: when do we get to post our (and see your) predictions? I’ll start it off: 94-68 Win the division by 2 over CWS. Win 3-2 over Angels; 4-1 over NYY; Win World Series 4-2 over St. Louis. You read it here first. Time to put it out there guys.

  4. Great blog! I’m thrilled that a lot of thought regarding accessibility went into the construction of Target Field.

    I look forward to reading future updates!

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