Posted by: gravessack | January 15, 2010

Why Target Field Will Be So Much Better Than HHH Metrodome

Target Field is believed to be a better ballpark than the HHH Metrodome, but I bet many people do not know exactly why Target Field is believed to be better. Here are some of the reasons that prove this is true:

  • Less seating capacity (42,000 at Target Field compared to 56,000 for baseball at the HHH Metrodome), so fans are closer to the action and people with visual impairments can see what is going on in the game better than at the Metrodome
  • More disabled seating (820 seats at Target Field compared to only 190 at the HHH Metrodome!), which is VERY important!
  • *Fewer seats with obstructed views (0 at Target Field compared to 1,392 at the HHH Metrodome), so fans will have a good view of the game no matter where they are sitting
  • More restrooms (17 women’s and 17 men’s at Target Field compared to 8 women’s and 8 men’s at the HHH Metrodome). which also is very important!

These are just a few reasons why Target Field will be a better ballpark than the HHH Metrodome. To see more reasons, go to:                                                  

Written by: Sam Graves

*Although the Twins website says there will be 0 seats with obstructed views, people say there could be a few partially obstructed seats in right field. Fans might not be able to see the entire outfield.



  1. Sam this is a wonderful entry. You have given it a great deal of thought. Target field will be a super asset to the city of Mpls.
    Michael wrote a nice message also. You guys have a great blog going. I check it frequently!!
    Keep up the good work.
    Grandma Bonnie

  2. Hi Sam,
    You did a wonder job with this, so much good information, I can see you did alot of research. I hope someday I can see Target Field.
    You and your friend are to be congratulated on you hard work.
    Great Aunt Pat

  3. Lookin good Sammy, I get back May 17th, maybe they’ll give us free tickets because of the blog?

  4. Never thought about that, Nick. That would be awesome!

  5. Thanks for breakin’ all that down for us less informed Twins fans, Sam. I thought Target Field’s only advantages over the metrodome would be not looking/smelling like a landfill…and getting rid of that roof of course! But more bathrooms and more disability seating, combined with having less seats overall-now those are some ratios I can support- And NO obstructed viewing-wow!(And bout time I say)

  6. Sam, great stats. Wow, there were only 8 men’s and 8 women’s restrooms at HHH for 56,000 fans?!?!? Do the math; that’s a lot of long lines….

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