Posted by: gravessack | January 9, 2010

Welcome to our blog!

This is the new blog of Michael Sack and Sam Graves. This blog is for people with disabilities or just people who want to know more about the accessibility of Target Field, the Twins, and Target Field in general.

Please give us lots of feedback and send us any questions you have about Target Field and its accessibility or the Twins.



  1. It is not so much the wheelchairs I am worried about, it is the people. Is there a way we can screen for people we don’t like, or people we think might anoy us and keep them out? Too much accessability might not be such a good idea. I’m just saying.

  2. Good job guys.

    • I don’t think we need help at this point, maybe later on.

  3. People with disability needs help during the season if they want to watch the Twins Game

  4. Great info guys!!! Im not much of a baseball fan, or any sports 🙂 But this is intreasting to read, and I am very proud of you Michael for wrighting about things that matter!! Love, Ant Julie

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