Posted by: gravessack | January 9, 2010

Target Field’s Accessibility

Even though we have not been in Target Field, we have heard that it will be baseball’s most accessible stadium. We are hoping to be able to drive up to wheelchair seating and not do parallel parking like we had to do in the Metrodome. We also hope that the bars are lower so we don’t have to watch the game with a bar in our face!



  1. I couldn’t agree more about the bars. For the last two seasons I’ve only seen the pitchers’ heads and feet! Can’t wait to see the whole picture/pitcher!

  2. Thanks for the update on your new stadium. I am hoping that on my next trip to Mpls that we get a chance to attend a game. My that is a big replica of Joe Mauer behind you two!

  3. Sounds very reasonable. I wonder if they thought of that.

  4. Thanks for keeping us posted. I hope they do a good job with viewing! Good luck on your blog.

  5. We think Target Field will be able to teach Fenway Park a thing or two about accessibility. Accessibility is fairly dismal in Beantown. However, Fenway does do some neat things. Two weekends ago they created an ice rink for the NHL Bruins and Flyers to play outside. This weekend Boston College and Boston University got to play. BC lost.:(

  6. Good job Michael and Sam!

  7. Thank you for sending me the link to your blog. The article was great and I’m really happy to hear that they truly thought about accessibility when building the stadium – I would hope they would have thought to keep the bars out of the way too!

  8. Amen to the bar comment, Sam and Michael. I could never believe after seeking parking for what seemed like hours and then fighting through crowds that never saw us, we had to sit in seats with a giant bar obstructing our view. Horrid!

    Can’t wait for Target Field!

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